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To our patients at Valley Eye Associates:

If you returned from outside the U.S or visited an area defined by the CDC as an area of high risk IN THE LAST 14 DAYS, OR


If you had direct contact with an individual with confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) IN THE LAST 14 DAYS, OR,


If you had direct contact with a person who is currently being quarantined for coronavirus (COVID-19) exposure IN THE LAST 14 DAYS, OR,


If you felt feverish and had a cough in the last 24 hours, please call our office to reschedule your appointment.


We will be asking the same questions when we call to confirm appointments. We recommend non-urgent routine exams to be cancelled for now. We will try to spread out appointments so that only one patient will be with us at a time. Keeping your appointment time will help us to be able to do this.


If you need to pick up items or come for adjustments on glasses, we ask that you call us to let us know what time you will be coming so that we can try to keep any interactions with people at a minimum.



*Please call us first to inform us of what type of eye problem you are having.

*We will also be asking the above questions about travel, exposure, and symptoms.

*If it appears that you have a retinal or corneal problem, we will refer you to a specialist since this will minimize your visits.



*Please check your supply of contacts to make sure you have enough lenses for at least a few months.

*Make sure that you have an acceptable pair of glasses.

*Use your glasses more to conserve your contact lenses.

*Check to make sure that you have enough contact lens solution.

*If you need to order contacts, please order soon and have it shipped in case of any unforeseen closures at our office. We offer free shipping within New Jersey on any 1-year supply and any 6-month supply of daily lenses. All other orders within New Jersey will have a reduced shipping charge of $8.


Please read any future emails from us as that is how we will keep everyone updated. We try not to send too many emails, but we will need to update as things change with the coronavirus. We want to remain open for now to handle any eye emergencies as this will free up our local health care facilities.